Committed to Timely and Accurate Delivery

We are committed to timely delivery of our customers’ orders with a high degree of materials handling expertise. We work with our selected Container Freight Stations and the major container lines to complete this logistics chain.
Our member mills provide the first link through timely delivery of products to our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) locations or for direct loading at locations for shipment overseas. Containerized shipments in 40’ GP and 40’ HC steel, waterproof containers are the primary method of delivery of product to market. Click on the photos to the right to see a slideshow showing our Logistics, Warehousing, and Delivery Process.

Since 2015, BIOMASSWOODS has a special logistics Way of delivery on time to all his client, and from there it organizes deliveries to its customers.
BIOMASSWOODS maintains long-term relationships with dozens of leading European road haulage companies and guarantees efficiency and punctual deliveries at any time of the year.
The four-year experience of the sector and the overall volume of planned shipments allow BIOMASSWOODS to work with the main logistics operators,
to take advantage of the most competitive transport rates on the market and to guarantee constant and timely supplies throughout the course of the year.
Customers are also offered the convenience of being able to communicate with a single europeian interlocutor, regardless of the establishments of origin of the products purchased.

The partners of BIOMASSWOODS are equipped with numerous warehouses in Ukraine and in europe, with a total storage capacity of 50000 t, and plan their production activities in order
to always have ready-to-ship material. From 2015, they can also count on a logistics platform in europe, which allows to easily face any sudden increases in the demand for pellets ,wood,charcoal,plywood,Ruf,etc
especially in the winter.

BIOMASSWOODS partners can be delivered with the following means:

Curtain trucks,train,container ,by sea delivery in bluk,container: openable on three sides, suitable for reception at logistic docks and easily unloaded by mechanical means (eg forklifts).
Refrigerator trucks: open only on the rear side, they are an exception in the delivery of our wood. Mobile bottom trucks: equipped with a horizontal loading and unloading system, they are usually used
in the delivery of loose pellets destined for pits or tanks.

By Rail
Our convenient loading area We currently ship all over the world (CN) rail in 100 tonne hopper cars which are scaled and screened to ensure accurate volumes and reduced fines. Premium Pellet is also able to ship up to 5000 tonnes of 15 kg bagged pellets in boxcars if required.

By Sea
We have the option to ship from Ukraine sea port , depending on our customer’s needs.

By Truck
If truck shipments are required, our location on a major highway allows for easy shipments